Protecting your home and family

home insurance


Homeowners insurance is probably one of the most important coverages you will buy because you are insuring one of your most valuable assets.  When selecting a homeowners insurance carrier you want a carrier that carries a strong AM Best rating along with a competive product and pricing strategy. 


At Cargill Insurance we begin the process of providing a replacement cost appraisal of your home to determine the value you should be insuring for.  We then quote you based on the age of the home with full replacement cost if available and replacement cost on contents including all risk.  Choosing a higher deductible such as $1,000 can often times reduce your annual cost by $300 or more.  It is also imporant to consider riders for jewelry, silver, furs and fine-arts.  Earthquake and flood are excluded but can be bought back by endorsement or a separate policy for flood.  Personal liability is very important and we recommend a minimum of $1,000,000 preferably includinig and umbrella liabilty policy as a rider overlaying your underlying coverages for additional liability.


Other things to consider are home offices, recreational vehicles, any farming on premises along with any other unusual exposure you may have.


Although we do not provide this service, we strongly recommend you consult your legal council about a homestead act that will run with your deed.  The Massachusetts Homestead Act now provides for up to $500,000 in protection.