Boat & Motorcycle Insurance


Come spring and summer and the arrival of warm weather at Cargill Insurance we are busy quoting boat and motorcycle insurance.   


Boat Insurance


Depending on the year make and model and value of your boat we will recommend either a rider on your own homeowners policy to cover the boat or a separate boat policy which will provide agreed coverage on the hull.  If you simply have an older boat with little value you can add the HO-0475 watercraft liability endorsement for a minimal charge on your homeowners policy.  For newer boats and more expensive boats we go to the experts MUA in Redbank New Jersey who have a number of markets for boats of all sizes and horsepower.  Call us today to get a boat quote.  We will market it and find the most suitable company for you with all the coverages that you need from hull to liability.


Motorcyle Insurance


Motorcycle insurance can be added in most cases directly to your automobile policy.  Depending on the type of motorcycle and the value you will either need liabiltiy or liabilty and physical damage coverage.  The policy is rated on the number of cc's as well as the value and the driver and territory it is garaged in.  We will be happy to assist you in designing the appropriate coverage for you.