Protection for Your Auto


There are many factors that go into the rating of an automobile insurance policy.  These include the town you live in, the age and driving experience of the drivers, and the type of vehicle you drive in addition to the coverages you purchase.  At Cargill Insurance we will design a policy around these factors to fit your needs.  We feel that everyone age 16 to 85 need proper liabiltiy limits.  


The Massachusetts automobile policy is made up of 12 sections.  The first four parts are required by law and are mandatory.  The optional 8 are not mandated by law.  We feel that everyone should consider minimum limits of $250,000/$500,000 for optional bodily injury and un-insured and under-insured limits.  We also feel a minimum of $100,000 in property damage makes sense.  Depending on the age of the vehicle a $1,000 deductible often makes good sense especially on newer or more expensive vehicles.  Comprehensive better know as (fire and theft) usually a $300 deductible makes the best sense.  Substitute transportation and towing are also available.  


With our advanced rating technology we can quote any number of options with any of our carriers with just a few key strokes.