We've got your business covered, including...


Business Owners

As a business-owner you need to consider coverage for the building that you own and contents related to that business.  If you rent then you just need to consider content coverage.  In addition to this you will need to purchase liability coverage.  Most policy are written with a $1,000,000 liabiltiy limit in addition to a business umbrella.  


If you own corporate vehicles you are required to carry commercial automobile coverage.  You also should consider adding non-owned and hired automobile coverage if you let anyone use their personal vehicle for the benefit of your company or you rent vehcles for company use.  Driver-other-Car coverage is very important to consider if you do not have any personal automobile insurance in your own name. 



As mentioned about as a business-owner you will have the choice of purchasing underlying coverage in addition to a commercial umbrella policy.  It is best to speak with us directly on this to determine how much liability coverage you need in addition to other liability coverages such as professional liabiltiy and directors and officers liability coverage. 


Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is required by law when you have anyone on payroll whether it be W-2 or 1099 income.  The coverage is classified by the type of work the employee performs for you and based on the amount of payroll you pay that employee.  For example an office worker would be considered a much lower classification than a steeple jack.  Voluntary markets are available and if not employers can find coverage with the Massachusetts Workers Compensation Assigned Risk Pool.  We will be happy to secure coverage for you in either market if required.