Life Insurance


Nobody likes the thought of discussing life insurance but it also is a very important coverage to consider.  At Cargill Insurance we will review your personal financial situation and design a policy that fits your life style as well as your financial portfolio.


There are various products to meet your individual needs. We will meet with you and discuss your personal situation, assess your asset and liability base and council you on the type of life insurance policy that will meet your needs for the long run along with the proper limit.


There are several types of life insurance policies available.  Whole Life, Interest Sensitive Whole Life, Universal Life, and Term Insurance.  We have found over the years that many of our clients prefer a term insurance policy where you can fix the coverage and premium for a specific time period such as ten, fifteen, twenty and even thirty years.  Term builds no cash value and pays no dividends for for the frugal insurance buyer it makes good sense because you can get a large amount of coverage for minimal outlay.


We have access to many brokerage houses who offer many companies for your own paticular situation. Even those hard to place cases such as high blood pressure, cholestorol, or diabetes can be handled.


Call our office today to find out which products best suits your needs and obtain a price quotation.