Cargill Insurance

What's new at Cargill Insurance.

In 2011 Cargill Insurance went Green and paperless.  We now transact all your insurance business on line as well as scan all documents in secure files.  We have secure backup of all our records off site for our protection as well as yours.  We recycle close to 100% of our paper on a monthly basis.  Our carriers are constantly introducing newer and more competitive products along with account credits for combining both home and automobile policies together.  Our agency and carriers are working with the latest technology to deliver your insurance coverages to you in the most efficient form.


Our goal for 2012 is to update our entire data base with our clients e-mail address's as business is moving  away from fax, telephone and U.S. Mail to communicating more by e-mail.  Our carriers are starting to send policy's, bills and other insurance documents via e-mail vs. U.S. Mail.  While we welcome phone calls and clients stopping by our office in a day and age where we are all on the run often e-mail is the best mode of commuication.  We encourage you to communicate with us in a way that is most beneficial to you. 

We appreciate our clients and their loyal patronage they show by renewing their coverages year by year. We know you have many options available to you so we appreciate your choice in us.  We believe insurance is not a comodity and therefore we feel providing personalized service with years of experience and knowledge to be the best way of providing coverage to our clients.  We always strive to find the best coverage at the best price for you.