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Other types of insurance include:



Flood Insurance

Flood insurance can be obtained through NFIP with our office.  Often times it is a requirement of the mortgage lender when refinancing or buying a new property.  The coverage is rated based on the flood zone you are in and the community panel number.  We also like to know the year of construction for pre or post firm and the number of stories including basement.  Our office will be happy to supply you with a flood insurance quote if required by a third party or you are concerned about flooding. 


Over the past ten to fifteen years we have experienced some heavy rains consider hundred year storms.  Don't get caught without this valuable coverage as it is not covered by your homeowners policy.  Some carriers do have riders for $2,500 or $5,000 for sump overflow coverage in the event your sump pump is compromised in the event of water permeation through the basement walls.



Earthquake Insurance

Although we don't live in California, tremors are no stranger to the Northeast.  We have seen tremors in Massachusetts and other surrounding states and while so far they have been mild it is not out of the possibility for a major quake in our area.  Earthquake coverage runs for frame homes 35 cents per $1000 or on the average $500,000 homeowner policy the annual cost would be $175.00.  Call our office today to see if earthqauke insurance makes sense for you.



Hurricane Insurance

Hurricane coverage is covered under the Massachusetts homeowners policy.  Often when we have a hurricane watch or warning our office is flooded with calls asking this very question.  Most of the time you would pay your deductible of $500 or $1,000 and the balance of the claim is covered.  If you live near the coast you may have a hurricane deductible which is generally 1% or 2% of the value of your coverage.  So for example if you have a home insured for $500,000 your hurricane deductible would be $5,000 with a 1% deductible and $10,000 with a 2% deductible.